Here at Beaver Creek Nursery we offer many rare and unusual plants, in addition to the time honored favorites that appeal to both the discerning gardener and those just now getting their “green thumb” in the dirt.  We also offer a wide selection of native and non-native trees, shrubs and perennials, which include over 20 varieties of Japanese Maples, 20+ varieties of Hydrangea, 80+ Conifers and over a dozen varieties of Camellia…yes, they do grow here. Inventory However since we’re just “plant geeks” you won’t find mulch, rock, topsoil, sod or annuals here.  Oh yes, and no Bradford Pears, Compacta Holly or Common Nandina either.

We stand above the rest because 70% of our plants are grown here at the nursery from seeds or cuttings.  We take great pride and feel extremely lucky to have the ability to trial our plants in our display gardens for hardiness, growing conditions and disease and pests resistance.  This way you’re assured of getting the best of what we have to offer, which promotes tremendous success to your garden.

Come and visit any time of year.  Each season has something wonderful to experience.